ALLOCACOC POWERCUBE Extended 4 Outlets with Remote Control, 1.5M – Grey
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ALLOCACOC POWERCUBE Extended 4 Outlets with Remote Control, 1.5M – Grey

$75.90 $69.00


Product Description

  • With 4 outlets and a 1.5m cable, the Powercube is ideal for use when your hands aren’t free
  • The Remote range works up to 25m
  • The Remote doesn’t require any batteries as it works on kinetic energy meaning it will just keep on running!
  • With a 1.5 metre extension cord, 4 power outlets and 2 USB Ports neatly packed into a cube, the PowerCube is the ideal power solution for your home or office.
  • Enjoy enough outlets for all your appliances
  • Mount your PowerCube on the underside of your desk or on the wall
  • Eliminate clutter and manage power cords
  • Perfect for the home or in the office, the Allocacoc PowerCube with 4 Outlets is the ultimate power solution.
  • The PowerCube can be mounted on the wall or on the underside of your desk, so you no longer have to crawl along the floor to plug in your devices.
  • Taking up 70% less space than the traditional 4 outlet power board, the PowerCube is the perfect, compact solution for managing your power cords.

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This package includes:

  • 1 x 5400 Power Cube Socket in red
  • 1 x Remote Control Power Cube in Grey
  • 12 month warranty


  • 9 power outlets
  • 2 USB Ports
  • 2 x 1.5 metre extension cord
  • 1 Remote Control With Surge Protector
  • 2 x Mounting Docks
  • Removable Tape
  • 12 month warranty

Additional information

Weight 0.937 kg
Dimensions 180 × 160 × 160 cm